Hello, I’m Jennie.

Your personal “Encourager in Chief”

Live a healthier and better life starting today!

Welcome! ​ It is my mission to connect you with choices that help you live a healthier and better life starting today! As you know, change happens one step at a time.

As the  Encourager in Chief  it is my job to encourage you to make your desired changes so that you are truly living your BEST LIFE!

In addition – I am also carrying on my family’s Wellness business, as a 3rd Generation business leader in Shaklee. Shaklee is the most clinically proven wellness company in the world. That is how I first began my career in Wellness.

My mission is to help you succeed – in all areas of health and wellness. If you don’t have your health – it’s hard to live your life to the fullest!

Let’s get to know each other at your FREE introductory 30-minute Zoom conversation and see if my services are right for you! Please CONTACT ME so that we can get started on this journey together.

My motto is “together we are better.” I look forward to connecting with you soon. ​

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“Jennie’s guidance on the Shaklee 180 products, coupled with advice on healthy weight loss, have resulted in my current weight loss of 60+ pounds and a dedicated workout routine at the gym. Jennie has been my cheerleader for a year. Thank you Jennie!”

Barbara C.

The Weinhold Wellness Story

Two women walking outside for exercise.

I have always been interested in health and wellness. My mother taught me how to read food labels when I was young, and learned which foods contained food coloring and additives. We were not allowed to buy food with artificial anything!

During my teenage years I was active in sports, and learned pretty quickly how important it was to hydrate and nourish my body so that I could perform at peak performance. We prepared all of our own food + added Shaklee protein shakes and vitamins into our daily regimen. I didn’t realize how lucky I was!

I continued to stay active throughout most of my life. After working for small business as well as having a Corporate Career, I eventually partnered with my mother in her Wellness business when my children were young and needed care. This business quickly became my passion as I love sharing Wellness with others as well as leadership development. I can help people in a variety of ways, whether they are looking for Wellness products, a Wellness Coach, or a Shaklee Business Coach. I can offer all of these services!

Throughout the years, I’ve seen Shaklee grow in ways that make me proud to be a third-generation Shaklee Ambassador. I believe in Shaklee’s products because I’ve used them for most of my life. My health and my family’s health have been enhanced by them. ​

Check out my list of favorite resources to support your health, wellness and mindfulness.

Weinhold Wellness Milestones


Shaklee Corporation

Shaklee Corporation opens for business in Oakland, CA.


Jennie’s Family Starts Business

Jennie’s Family (Mother, Aunt & Grandparents) all start their own Shaklee businesses & change to using all Shaklee nutritional and green home products in
their homes.


Jennie Partners with Mom

Jennie partnered with her mother Anna to eventually take over the family Shaklee business.


Climate Neutral Certification

Shaklee became first company in the World to be certified as Climate Neutral.


New Shaklee Leadership

Roger Barnett purchased Shaklee and committed to the growth of the company to bring Wellness to the world.


Jennie Starts Coaching

Jennie began coaching clients, who wanted to lose weight with Shaklee “Cinch Inch Loss Plan” + Creation of Healthy Habits life plan supported by Cooking Light’s Healthy Habits Cookbook.


Landmark Health Study

Landmark Health Study reported Long Term Shaklee users clearly demonstrated better health as compared to other two groups studied.


New Business Name

Previous business Nolt & Co. changes name to Weinhold Wellness, LLC, to better reflect focus of business, due to Jennie’s success as a Weight Loss Coach.


Weinhold Wellness Grows

Jennie continues to coach clients through weekly calls, using guidance from Healthy Habits Cookbook + Shaklee 180 Program.