Wellness Services.

One Step At A Time

Having worked in the wellness industry for over 25 years, I have been able to help men and women make positive changes in their lives. My Wellness Services include customized Wellness Solutions, 1:1 Coaching to reach your Weight & Wellness goals and growing your own business by joining my Wellness Team.

Wellness Solutions

Healthy Habits for Life

As much as you may want to make healthier choices, change can be hard. And holding ourselves accountable, doesn’t always work. So many women (& men) put their health last as a priority due to today’s busy lifestyles. But, our Health (as a Society) is paying the price! We need to prioritize our health and put “healthy habits” back into our daily PLANNERS.

These are steps that will help you to:

  • move past your obstacles
  • help you create realistic solutions to a healthier you
  • help tailor a plan just for YOU

Whether you are looking for more energy and vitality through supplements, healthy meal planning or making daily exercise a priority, I will help support you  One Step at a Time  to get you closer to living your BEST LIFE!

It comes down to establishing different daily routines and adopting new habits. If you want to create a new habit – you need knowledge, skill and desire. With my guidance of 25 plus years experience as a Health Advocate, you will have an accountability partner who is compassionate, understanding, and wants to help YOU make YOURSELF a priority.

Your first step is to connect with me for a 1:1 FREE 30-minute Zoom consultation.

Here are a few tips to start your journey and make your Healthy Habits stick:

  1. Start Small
  2. Have a Plan
  3. Write it down – and have someone hold you accountable.
  4. Be Specific – set SMART Goals
  5. Keep Track

Jennie is a wonderful motivator and encourager. I have a much healthier lifestyle. Jennie truly cares about the people she works with.

Diane H.

Weight & Wellness

Do you feel stuck in a rut?  Frustrated that you are not able to lose weight, find time to exercise or eat a balanced diet? Or, are you stressed because you are not living the life you desire? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then, wellness coaching may be for you! Through goal setting and weekly accountability calls, we discuss what is holding you back from the life and energy you desire.

One Step at a Time

The approach at Weinhold Wellness is simple. Progress is made one step at a time. Learning more about you is one step and will guide the plan on how you can make better choices for long-term health through small changes. You will receive the support you need until these changes become a part of your daily life.

How long would we work together? However long it takes for you to reach your goals!

Here is what I can provide:

  • FREE initial one-on-one wellness consultation over the phone or Zoom.
  • Weekly support calls to help you reach your wellness goals (calls consist of open discussion regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle).
  • Coaching, support and training for building a sustainable wellness lifestyle

In addition, I have partnered with the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S., which offers natural solutions for improved health and wellness. Your goal? Take baby steps toward living a healthy and well-balanced life! Let’s work together to make it happen!

Join Our Private Facebook Group

We have a Facebook Community Group! It’s a private group that connects like-minded people who want to live a long and healthy life.

  • We educate through sharing various resources.
  • We connect through commenting and sharing.
  • We provide Accountability by providing new Health Trackers
  • We also encourage participation through our Challenges and reward our participants with prizes!

It’s fun, educational and inspiring!