Wellness Team

Together We’re Better

Wellness Team – Together We’re Better

One of the great things about Shaklee is that I get to work with some amazing people…my friends and colleagues! They’re people from all walks of life – some choose to work part time in Shaklee, and others (like me) choose to work full-time.

Shaklee is keeping up with all of the changes happening all around us. They continue to introduce new and amazing products, plus improve their Compensation plan. Our TEAM makes sure that we continue to learn and grow together. It’s the BEST way to grow – both personally and professionally.

There is a common denominator.
We’re all guided by some key principles:

Jennie Weinhold and her team of Shaklee ambassadors sharing Shaklee products.

WE do what’s right.

WE see the big picture.

WE recycle.

WE are coach-able.

WE keep it real.

WE see beyond obstacles.

WE put “we” above “me.”

WE succeed by dedicating ourselves to the dreams of others.

WE love helping you become the person you were born to be.

We’d love to have you join the TOGETHER WE’RE BETTER – A Shaklee Leadership Team.